Unilever Perspective on Clean Future

The two biggest threats the world currently faces are climate change and social inequality – threats that are deeply intertwined. Climate change is not only an environmental crisis but one which will impact the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people around the world. 

The implications of climate change for both Unilever’s business and our consumers will be profound. It threatens our whole value chain – from how we grow our raw materials, to whether clean water is available for consumers to use our products. And a huge amount in between. Without decisive action on a global scale, climate change is the biggest long-term risk to our business. 

In Unilever HomeCare, the carbon footprint of our products is largely driven by the ingredients we use. Finding ways to dematerialise our formulations is crucial to help us achieve NetZero but requires the innovation of new weight efficient materials that deliver superior product performance, sustainably and with great value for the consumer. The Clean Futures Prosperity project is completely integrated into this strategy. You can read more about our Clean Future Strategy here Clean Home. Clean Planet. Clean Future. | Unilever and about our Climate Transition Action Plan here –Unilever Climate Transition Action Plan.